Circles and Squares

I’m always trying to strike a balance, create harmony when I can. It’s definitely all about the journey because I’m not even close to the destination!

I have the heart of an artist and the brain of a techie (and a Trekkie, let’s be honest). So when I got to a point in my life where I felt completely off-kilter--when my techie brain was in complete control and my artist heart was far too small--I knew I had to make a drastic change.

After 15 years in an IT career that I liked but that dominated my life, I quit my job to focus solely on something I truly love. This collection, my first since changing careers, is born out of that transition.

Still in a structured mindset, I’m slowly allowing myself to let go, allowing myself, to dream, to be free and in control of my own life (as much as any of us can be).

And knowing that you’re sharing a piece of this very long journey with me makes me smile. I hope this collection makes you smile, too.