Ripples Collection - Set 1 - Sterling Silver and Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace

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Rain is fleeting in the desert, precious for its water no matter the season, no matter how much has or hasn’t fallen. Rain gives life. It gives the New Mexico landscape more ephemeral gifts as well, gifts even more fleeting that than the afternoon storms that bring them: cooling relief after the building heat of the day; the wonder of water falling—sometimes in soft drizzles, sometimes in raging sheets—from a sky that had been clear turquoise blue moments before and likely would be so again in a few moments more; the scent in the air after the storm has passed, the desert’s most heady perfume; the delight of ripples on puddles that will soon be gone.

Sometimes, here in the desert, rain feels like a memory. Remember the rain, my friend.


Inspired by the American Southwest without being southwest. Turquoise ripples and glitters along the soft matte surface of the polymer clay cabochon, surrounded by highly polished sterling and fine silver. Measuring 18 inches, the sterling silver oval rolo chain is topped with a toggle bar, making this pendant necklace very lightweight and easy on the hands.



  • Fine silver
  • Sterling silver
  • Polymer clay


  • 1/2-inch (13 mm) diameter
  • 0.06 ounces (1.8 grams) each earring

Give it away!

These earrings come ready to give away in a brown kraft paper cotton lined boxed topped with a silver ribbon. Even the box your order is mailed in is ready to give away or be shipped directly to the recipient.

If this is intended to be a gift, let me know at checkout. I can send a personalized card for the recipient.


Any questions about these earrings? Contact me here, or send me a text: (505) 226-4579.

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