"All You Need Is Love" Stamped Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

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A while back while I was wearing one of the stamped adjustable rings I’d designed, my friend commented that she liked the ring but that it was too bulky for her fingers, and oh by the way, did I have any stamped with hearts? I didn’t, so I created a ring just for her: more delicate, still adjustable, and stamped with hearts. 

Meanwhile, another friend kept bugging me about designing Beatles-themed jewelry. He even sent pictures of Paul McCartney’s guitar for inspiration.

Somehow these two disparate ideas got stuck together in my head. Heart stamps. Beatles lyrics. Eventually they mashed up in my brain and became this pendant.

So thank you to my heart-stamp loving friend and to my Beatles-obsessed friend. You’ve both literally inspired me!

I hope this pendant brings you a little inspiration. And a whole lotta love From Me To You! (Which you can read more about here.)


Except for the leather cord, everything about this necklace was hand-crafted. From the pendant to the clasp, it's all sterling silver, all hand-punched and hand-wrapped and hand-stamped. Everything is soldered and wrapped tightly to keep this beauty secured. It's lightweight and adjustable so it can be worn all day long and won't get in your way. For added fun, the pendant spins around inside the bail.


  • The sterling silver pendant measures 1.25 inches (32 mm) in diameter and 0.04 inches (0.95 mm, 20 gauge) thick. I added a patina to make the letters stand out more, and I gave it a brushed finish. Between all the hammering and stamping, it's been work-hardened quite a bit. So while you could bend it if you really wanted to, it's a pretty strong little guy.
  • The black braided leather cord is 0.12 inches (3 mm) thick and 18 inches (457 mm) long.
  • The bail connecting the pendant to the cord is hand-wrapped sterling silver wire, 0.75 inches (19 mm) long. The wire isn't wrapped too tightly around the pendant, which allows the pendant to spin around. If that's not your thing, you could crimp the wire just a bit to keep the disc in one place.
  • Topping each end of the braided leather cord is more hand-wrapped sterling silver wire, about 0.5 inches (13 mm) long.
  • The extender chain allows the necklace to be adjusted from 18 inches to 20 inches (457 mm to 508 mm). Each sterling silver link is soldered closed to ensure everything stays secure.
  • Because I wanted this to be easy on the hands, and because it's just super pretty, I chose to make a toggle bar for the clasp, about 1.25 inches (32 mm) long.
  • The whole necklace weighs 0.44 ounces (12.57 g).

Give it away!

This necklace comes ready to give in a brown kraft paper cotton lined boxed that's topped with a silver ribbon. Even the box I mail your order in is ready to give away (or be shipped directly to the recipient; don't forget you can do that!).

If this is intended to be a gift, let me know at checkout. I can send a personalized card for the recipient.


Any questions about this pendant necklace? Contact me here, or send me a text: 505.226.4579.

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