A land of contrasts – and a land of enchantment

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A land of contrasts – and a land of enchantment

I wasn’t born in New Mexico, but I got here as soon as I could. (My parents may have had something to do with that, since I was only a year and half when we moved here. 😆) It’s such a wildly beautiful place, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

New Mexico is a study in dichotomy, a land of contrasts. Maybe that’s why I love contrasts so much, contrasts in light and dark, colors, words, textures.

Monumental mountains sweep down into verdant valleys, open into deep deserts. The sun will bake you in the summer, the snow will freeze you in the winter. The wind will flay your skin in the spring and refresh you in the fall.

The bears and mountain lions, snakes and scorpions may be deadly, but they’re as wonderous as the gentle lizards, zooming hummingbirds, delightful lady buds, and zippy roadrunners.

While it’s one of the poorest states in the country, it’s also home to one of the richest counties. It’s home to the oldest capital city in the country and home to a spaceport.

Its people are artists and scientists, pacifists and warriors, native and transplanted (perhaps even transplanted from another world entirely if the lore is to be believed 🛸👽🛸). Ancient storytellers left their mark on rock; modern storytellers leave their mark on page and screen. This is the artists’ mecca, the magnet for engineers.

It’s forgotten or misunderstood by much of the country. “Sorry, we don’t ship internationally,” says the New York merchant. “You’ll need a green card to work here,” says the Georgia employer. Yet it’s known to much of the world. “New Mexico’s great! We’ll be driving through there on our way to San Francisco,” says the random Russian guy, newly-met in a Moscow park.

Between its droughts and floods, volcanoes and river valleys, forest fires and ice caves, this land will entrap you.

But only because it has enchanted you.

Whether you’re a permanent resident here, an occasional visitor, or only dream of this enchanting place, I trust you’ll find it as fascinating as I do.

Do you live in New Mexico, or have you visited? What’s your favorite thing about New Mexico? Let me know in the comments below.

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