Quintessential New Mexico: The Southwest At Its Finest

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Quintessential New Mexico: the Southwest at its finestThe end of summer. The beginning of autumn. The best time of year in New Mexico.

When the heat of afternoon softens to a manageable level, only to be replaced by the heat of freshly roasted green chile. When the trees along the Bosque and atop the mountains melt into gold. When the mornings finally take on that lovely hint of chill, mellowed by green chile in the breakfast burrito and hints of piñon in the fresh-roasted coffee.

When hundreds and hundreds of balloons take flight in riotous colors and shapes in the chill morning air or glow like candles flickering in the evening breeze—little dreams floating on the backdrop of the open sky.

Every October, the hometown of Capulin Creations—Albuquerque, New Mexico—hosts the largest hot air balloon festival in the world. Along with it rolls out the art shows, the craft and music festivals, the amazing food, and the even more amazing people.

This is quintessential New Mexico, the Southwest at its finest.

Celebrate your drifting dreams. Whether you can join in the Balloon Fiesta or not, you can always keep your eyes on the skies and let your dreams, big or small, take flight.

Have you been to the Balloon Fiesta? What did you think? Or do you want to go? Why? Let me know in the comments below.

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