Monsoon Season

Posted by Marnie Burch on

Ripples in Turquoise - Shop the collection from Capulin CreationsIt’s nearing monsoon season here in the American Southwest. Will we get enough rain this year, or will we continue in drought? Or will this be one of those years when we get far too much rain all at once? No matter the projected forecasts, New Mexico weather always brings a surprise.

I hope you’re surprised—in a good way!—by this first set of pieces from my latest and ongoing collection, Ripples in Turquoise. I’ve been working on these patters for a while now, and I’m amazed at how many unique patterns came from such simple polymer clay canes. Even the scraps turned out wonderfully, maybe even better than the patterns I made intentionally.

I’ll be continuing with this collection for as long as I can, experimenting with all the different patterns, pairing them with different designs and finishes in silver.

I want to see where this takes me. And I’m so glad you’re coming along with me.

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