Sparking Ideas: Custom Designs from Capulin Creations

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There’s nothing much better than the sparking of ideas. Some random sight might inspire me to come up with a particular design, which might inspire a client to come up with a variation, which in turn inspires me to take that variation to a different place.

And sometimes my clients come up with custom designs I never would have thought of.

Ever wondered what it takes to have a custom piece of jewelry made? At Capulin Creations, I meet with my clients, and together we can design the perfect pieces for them. This can be a long process, but it’s definitely rewarding.

But you know, not every piece of jewelry I make specifically for a client has to go through this process. A couple of clients wanted these earrings in copper. One saw my stamped earrings and asked if I could make some with the outline of the state of New Mexico. Another wanted a pendant to match these earrings. Another wanted a pair of post earrings to go with this necklace. Since these were simply variations on already existing designs, they didn’t require the time and expense of a fully custom piece.

So, whether you see a design I currently have and want to modify it to better suit you or you want something completely different from anything else I’ve made, contact me. I’ll let you know if your idea needs to go through the full design process or if it can be fast tracked.

And for the full details on how my process works, check out my custom design policy.

I’m sure we’ll make a great team and create something wonderful for you.

Here’s how to get in touch with me:


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